The Runner's Poem


A Runner’s Tale

The gun goes off, the world is still, then all things come alive.

The chaos moves to the forest’s calm. This is where I thrive.

I move like wind up to the front, to head the wild stampede.

But as the chase goes on and on, the weak are losing speed.

The time I love has finally come, when most have fallen back.

Three men and I are all that’s left to form a fierce wolf pack.

We run straight through eternity, the minutes feel as hours.

And from within ourselves they wake, those strange primordial powers.

We hunt each other down the trails in a vicious, silent bout.

And the vigor of our hunt just grows as the crowd begins to shout.

And we realize, all at once, the goal is now in sight.

So we give it all that’s left, this last round of the fight.

Who placed first I’ve never cared and won’t for all my years.

For it is in the race I’ve found release from all my fears.


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