The Ruff Life

I live the ruff life.
I ruff at the neighbors.
I ruff at the cool, dry wind that stings my furs.
I ruff at the bikers that pass by in blurs.
But most of all,
I ruff at the cursed UPS truck.

Its dark grey figure cruises by,
so I ruff and I ruff until my throat is dry.
As it scurries off in defeat I give one last ruff for the great victory,
and sooth my throat with a lap of water then off to my morning nap.I live the ruff life.
It’s a tough profession, being the sole protector of the block.
My job is to keep the peace as I patrol the street on my daily walk.
Even off the walk my job continues.
Like a loyal knight stationed at the castle’s front gate,
I guard the door despite having to stay up late.

But, the problem with my job is there’s a lot of stress.
I have given it my best,
but one day my work will come to rest.
Sometimes I think of retiring from my ruff life,
and picking a less stressful career like a ball chewer or a Frisbee chaser.

You see life’s short,
and before you know it will pass you by,
like an unnoticed little white lie.
But don’t just watch the minutes tick by,
instead live a spontaneous life making decisions on the fly.
Because you will soon come to realize, as did I,
that the end may be sneaking up on you,
like a silent tiger stalking its oblivious prey.

Now, my fur, once sleek and black, is faded, sporting a light grey hue.
My legs worn and exhausted from all the ruff work,
can no longer propel me to that cozy spot on top of the couch that I once knew.
My teeth are worn out too.
The sharp white canines that once resembled tiger fangs are now dull,
and it even hurts to try to chew my squeaky toy.
My eyesight is worsening.
I can no longer see color.
Actually my memory is worsening,
for I never could see color.
I live the rough life.

But do not pity me!
For I still find enjoyment in life.
I look forward to each meal
consisting of chicken and steak that makes my stomach feel
as if it is ascending into Heaven concealed from the rest of the world’s problems.

Now I spend most of my days sleeping.
My dreams take me to tall grass fields,
full of endless biscuits, treats, and other indescribable meals,
which bring the warmth that melts my worries away.

As my departure nears please remember
that we have the choice to make the most out of life,
and I chose to live the ruff life.

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Hi, this is Mic5hael and I wanted to let you know that despite being able to see the seperation of stanzas when I reviewed the poem in enriched text, when I posted the poem the seperation of stanzas disapeared. Sorry, I tried my best. The stanzas contain the following lines:

  1. 1-6
  2. 7-10
  3. 11-16
  4. 17-21
  5. 22-29
  6. 30-40
  7. 41-45
  8. 46-49
  9. 50-52


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