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Luis Vargas

Fight your fears by: Luis V

Yea, you gotta fight your fears

I know I can’t make you stay 

But you gotta fight your fears

I gotta fight my fears

I tried to be myself

But I am locked up in a coffin 

I forgot about my dreams

I swallowed the key to the lock

Now I have to go through shit

Now I have to fight for my life

Now I have to fight with my demons

I know if I go anywhere it will be better than here

But you gotta fight your fears 

I wanted to be Luis

But Luis got used to being in a hole inside a coffin

Luis swallowed the key and now he is locked up

Luis forgot his dreams

Now I see monsters in the dark

Now I’m just going through hell

I’m trying to become an angel

But my life is leading me to become a demon

Fight your fears.


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You fight your fears with Faith that comes from God

you're a fighter, never quit

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This poem is powerful and a cry for guidance 

Luis Vargas

Lizzy by: Luis V

Lizzy why the fuck did you leave me?

It’s been a whole goddamn 6 years since you left me behind

And the fucked up thing is we were still dating

What the fuck.

Why didn’t you take me with you

I hope your enjoying the streets of gold right now

I fucked up

You didn’t want me to be depressed

But Now I’m depressed

I know you want me to be happy

Even though you are not here

But you hurt me 

You left me 

Now and days I have thoughts of slitting my wrist open

I want to visit your grave when February comes 

But I don't at the same time because I don’t want to cry

I miss you

I hope you're in heaven with God. 

Now I feel like I’m going crazy

Everytime I close my eyes

I see you

I hear you

I feel you

What the hell is god doing to me 

Bye! Miss you a lot.

This is about my ex-girlfriend who committed suicide in 6th grade  

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poetry is healthy that allows you to get it all out of your system

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