The Rolling Rivers

They told me,

Sometime during your inception

That I was given a gift


Which one-cleverly left unknown

Irritatingly undefined to my conscious presence


Thereafter, the fradulent fragance of a lonely birth

It's meaning haven't convey

yet a semblance of purpose or importance


It leaves me soiled in a state of dispair

Grief, long unforgotten

Bare treasures as long as the sea


I am blinded by fool's gold


Goofy defeat, not seeing anything worth rewarding


Even if I was attuned to the realities of your future

Lawlessness begots lawlessness

In this calamity of a wilderness

Where the brazen animals run free


Keepers of the land must stay stilted

My homely livings leave not much for you to attain


Your life will surround mines

Your future closely second

Mimicking my fallen desires and disastrous truths

and dreams one could only imagine inside one's own head


The cycle is a circle

That goes round and round

Never leaving to go off course


Loyal to the very end


Because it's bounded by the nature of it's genes

Like you are to me


I wait, for when they soon tell me

That your water crashed into the roaring wave of the rolling river


And then you will tell me I told you the truth.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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