Robin Hood

Once upon a time, in a city of cement.

From the dark of night, a green hooded man was present

preparing himself for a daring event.

At the mansion of a rich man, he was at.

A rich man who's wealth, made him wealthy and fat.

"This house belongs to the people!"

The green man exclaimed.

For he was Robin Hood, the brave and the famed.


From a window he entered, an entrance quite bold.

The brave man was unprepared, for the events that unfold.

Fifteen large men, turned, startled and confused.

All suddenly angered, now aware and enthused.

The Hood was still brave, and bravely he fought.

But he bobbed through kicks and punches, but at last he was caught

By a bruiting large fist, from a fatman who suddenly appeared at the spot.

"Big mistake brother, you will go to jail for this plot."

And so he was, ashamed and distraught.


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