road rage


what is the hurry

driving from one destination

to another

is it that serious 

to be so exasperately angry

that  recklessly cut in front of drivers


how many times 

repeatedly you see people texting 

while they're driving


pay attention to the road way

instead, they develop road rage

angry of what was text

next thing you know

you hit a pedestrian

you act tough at the moment

when you realize

you kill somebody

you run like a coward


isn't it amazing to see someone yelling at someone

on the phone while they're driving

here's a suggestion

wear an ear piece

so that way 

you don't hit a young girl 

whose dream was to be an aspiring actress

her life was taken

all because you were arguing about 

who needed to pay this month's bills


what is the point 

in having a combat moment

with a cyclist

all the distraught lead to you

jumping in front of the curb

and smashing into a young lady's leg

that may/may not be amputated

the sad part is

in all of these cases

it's alot of hits and runs

you hit somebody

you run like a coward

it's the whole indifferent mindset

of i don't care attitude

you say that now

let's see 

if you say the same thing

if your mother were to get hit by a car

and her face was highlighted 

on the daily news's 3rd page

what would you say then?



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