The Road That Knows Me

Born in a family filled with art, love, imagination, and magic comes a backyard as my Wonderland,

My Neverland.

A place I called home, a Symphony of laughter and music, much music.

With food and color richer than gold.


Until the smiling giants turn their faces, 

What once was beauty became dark and pale curses that left the verses empty.

They turned their music boxes off and washed their paintbrushes.

I come from a home where joy was a play,

and evil clowns crawled into my family's hearts,

Where their voices whispered silent but threatening warnings.

They turn your reflection into an evil invisible smile,

That crushes dreams and turns beautiful artists into broken minds.


I don't see the Storm ahead of me but my Father, Mother, and many other tall figures told me in this car was safety.

I don't see the road ahead of me in the back seat, where the headlights burn through the winter fog in the nights.

I don't see the road ahead of me, but I feel safe with my gaurdian driving.

With fear gone, the Storm became a warm memory,

The world was a stage and this was my fantasy.

Until I hear screams of thunder that leaves loved ones blind with wonder.

Tears pierce my eyes like lightning and what made me feel safe was a Storm now frightening.

Sending these wheels of adventure and love swerving, our car crashing.


Young and innocent I ran freely in the summer days.

I was born where the loving whispers of wind brushed through my hair,

Where the trees glow with joy and everlasting life.

But after the Fall, Winter came and suddenly I couldn't feel at all.

A Storm that once gave me security, now crashes and bangs against my head as I run,

Frantically through the night where he who see girls as living dolls smiles widely at me,

Cheek to Cheek as he chases me down the halls.

He who traps birds with their own ambition, beats me beneath the floor.

With haunting images, graphic nightmares, leaving bruises in the brain

He will never go away.

I see him in my reflection, the horrible creature that mocks me.

They leave scars that cut deeply through what once was a happy painting,

And the part I played in the "Life" of the show was no where to be found.

The lost girl kept running.

Going home to home, but in her heart she was alone.

She dreamed of a place where her mother and brother would be safe and sound.

Finding love was like waiting in the "Lost and Found."

Patiently she waited on a bench but no one could see or hear her,

Her life she questioned.


Lost in darkness I was, and the Stormy night became much more violent.

I became friends with darkness and sunlight was forgotten.

My brother and me, we were partners in crime.

Friends with a Pack of Wolves is what we called the wild things in our ghost town.

But even then, the train of time moved on and I was left abandoned.

I was the "Lone Wolf."

Until a very special leader reminded me I wasn't alone.

I have a Pack on this epic journey for this road I longed to find.

Family is still Family no matter how lost or broken


When she found she was never alone all along

Love was still inside her, even after everything that had gone wrong.

It wasn't until her toes were hanging from the edge she decided, "This is not where I belong!"

She turned around and found a new face to be proud of.

She shattered the evil glass and created a new reflection of a much more beautiful mess.

She no longer decided she was less.

She said to the demon of pain, " You cant beat me beneath the floor,

Blind me, freeze me to the core, chase confidence out the door,

Send me falling into darkness,

but you will never keep me from looking up at the sky, even as I cry!

I will never stop trying to fly,

The clouds, the stars, the sky is what gives me courage to try.

The gutter beneath me is not what defines me.

There is more to me inside my mind thatn the fangs I grind.

What you will see in me is beauty and I will shatter any mirror that lies to me!


With scars and love that I wear as armor, my dreams and passion take me further,

With a raven to guide me to hope as I pursue happiness, I march as a one woman army.

Marching to battle my demons.

Let love carry me as I dance in the rain,

This is my mission, to follow my dreams with wings of bravery.

Behind me are the footprints that tell my story.

I have been down many roads and made new ones,

I have risen above the ashes, shining a light, day and night, I shine bright!

I found that a lost girl is never lost.

I don't see the road ahead of me, but I look back at all of the ugly and beauty and smile widely.

I carry on in my journey, on a road where imagination is the adventure that I create.

A song that lights a fire in my soul.

Where as I come from the water, I let go of pain and kiss life.

I do not see the road ahead of me

But the road that knows me will always take me home in my heart where I was always meant to be.




This poem is about: 
My family


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