The Road

With frightened eyes you look away,

Not wanting to face your own mistakes,

They stare you down and tell you wrong,

Following your side as you walk along

The path people told you to follow first,

They seemed astute and so well-versed,

So you follow the path,

One step at a time,

Without any worries because you know you’ll be fine,

No help is needed,

You’re okay on your own,

Until you find you were always alone.

No friends to care,

Your own sorrows to bear,

Soon you begin to ask if anyone is there.

Without a reply,

You lower your eyes,

Keeping to yourself,

Putting your burdens on a shelf,

And you keep moving on.

Before long you find shelter,

A place to call home,

Then you find family,

And you are no longer so alone.

A family that loves you,

And understands what you have been through,

Giving you a smile,

It is something you’ve never seen.

With strength you endured,

Though weakness tried to take your hand.

And it’s because of these trials

That you now understand

The road to happiness.



Great poem! I trurely love and can relate to it. 

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