The River


The overwhelming feeling of exhaustion drives her to the river- where she will sit on a cold grey stone until - over time - she finds peace. But once she finds peace, it gives way to more exhaustion, so she will go away for a time- but always returns to the river to skip a stone or just sit. Sometimes he will come and sit in a comfortable silence - a sort of peace, the type of peace you get talking to a stone. Or they talk about exhaustion with the sounds of the river eating up the time. As they let time drift away - like clouds - he will sit on the rock while she stands in the river watching each other in peace. There is no longer any exhaustion- just silence, still as a stone. But then the stone falls quickly down a hill like time bringing back the ehaustion- There is no place to sit now, no more peace. It is now a rushing river. The loud, pounding river- bashing against stone- tears the peace apart - hastening time. Since he cannot sit- he's gone. And it is back: exhaustion. No more peace by the river, just exhaustion, heavy like stone. No more time to sit.


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