a ring of Jade and Jasper

than once there was a father 

and so he had a son 

but only ever after 

when he settled down 

so once there was a father 

he went on many journeys 

and only when this man came home 

did he tell his story 

he wove for his son fairytales 

of monsteous things and might 

of winged creatures flying high; 

and beasts with a poison bite 

he wove stories of true love...

or betrayal,silence and fright 

he wove stories of friendship and bravery 

that made a wonderous sight 

but he told him also of madness 

of battles between dark and light 

he told of a deep, deep sadness 

that comes with the end of a life 

he told of a roaming traveler 

who traveled all alone 

until he met a farm girl 

with skin as soft as a rose 

he wove stories of campfires 

and forest ,hills and stone 

of soft songs played on a lyre;

and the friendship that had grown 

he told of a pure desire 

the traveler was not alone 

the traveler loved the farm girl 

he felt it in his bones 

they were meant to be together 

you see he loved her ever after 

he gave her his whole heart 

but loved turned to disaster 

when she began to part 

she left him with nothing

she left his broken heart 

he thought she was bluffing 

that they'd never fall apart 

he thought she was his sunset 

his shadow and his sky 

but instead she was the snow storm 

as cold and as sharp as ice

he told how his sadness took many forms 

how nothing after that seemed to suffice 

until he met a farm hand, in the middle the night

how he was a she. and she'd cut her hair short 

it made for quite a sight

her skin was rough, her hair was course 

but none of that really mattered 

her face was blushed, she wore pants not skirts 

her skin was scarred and battered. 

he helped her work, he earned her trust 

till both were dressed in tatters:

their master was curt, and most unjust

they slept under blankets of patchwork  

and so they left, hand in hand 

together ever-after 

they took the step, though not so grand 

they said their vows with laughter.

they were blessed with three, though they were bland 

the rings made of jade and jasper. 

"and so it was", the father said 

"they lived happily ever after"

"they had a son, and loved him much" 

" more than words can capture."

than he took his sons hand

placed in it.

                     A Small Ring of Jade and Jasper











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