The Right Words


I am not sure how to say this.It is not bad, Or it is not meant to be.It is quite hard to find the right wordsThis has to be perfect. I would say something like:“I love you. Blah blah blah”However, that just will not do.“I love you” can not describe how I feel.It can not explain all the emotions I have. As you enter the room I feel my heart skip a beat,My mouth form a smile,My hands quiver slightly, My lungs tighten. As you touch me,I lose my breath And can not help but grin.I lose control.I can no longer stand up on my own. When you kiss me,My knees begin to tremble,My mind wanders off with you.The world around me goes black.It is just me and you. You make me feel like There is a reason for me.You make me feel happy.You have changed me For the better. So now I say what I have Been longing to say,Will you marry me?Will you spend the rest of your life with me?Through the rough and the easy? Be Mine? <3  


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