Right is Never Wrong

Oftentimes Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right
But how does that happen how does that happen?
It is not the acts that's Right or Wrong
but perception of those who judge
Not for the act but what it means for them good, bad or ugly
Haven't we heard absurdities of
selfless acts defined as hidden agenda
Viled and cruel acts are new code of conduct
This is post truth times, where
words are redefined
Meanings have suddenly become meaningless now
Perception is primordial where right isn't too right
And wrong isn't too wrong, on contrary it's seldom wrong
Opportunism is now cool and greed known as the best breed
Empathisers categorised as loser benevolents are the aliens
But beauty always lay in swimmimg against the course
And doing just the opposite against what's considered right
That's the truest meaning of life only few dare to find

This poem is about: 
Our world


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