Right to Life without Pollution

We were creation of a prolonged evolution
A billion plus nation with a cultural integration
Lived in harmony with nature with admiration
Daring never to disturb ecological balance
That may have given instant gratification
Cherishing beauty of fresh air with fascination
Alas! Then came the curse of temptation
More the merrier became our expression
Greed turning into an overpowering fixation
We now looked for rampant consumption
Polluting clean air and water with little inhibition
Throwing bicycles for limousine's aspiration
Cultivators now switching to more automation
Morphing our cities into state of damnation
Toddlers gasping for air after choked with pollution
Men and women becoming sick with toxification
Governments passing buck having no solution
People here talk of right to education
Others talk of right to information
But I talk only for a life without pollution

This poem is about: 
Our world


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