Riding the Train

You are on an everlasting ride 

towards the final destination


A new life approaches 

as you reach the station


The unexpected bumps in the road 

may shorten your ride


But the other passengers 

continue to wait by your side


As the end of the path 

slowly creeps near


Your visions and aspirations 

join together to become clear


You reflect on your travels 

that have led you thus far


And the memories and dreams 

that have made you who you are


Advanced travelers 

begin to slowly disappear


Making room for the new riders 

who spread laughter and cheer


The current passengers express 

themselves through their personality


As they influence your visions 

and unique mentality


The road loudly makes a “screech” 

as the journey comes to an end


And you give thanks to the new life 

you prepare to spend


You gather your things 

and give a final goodbye


As you hop off the road 

and into the sky

This poem is about: 
My family
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