It’s the feel of the air rushing past my skin as I drive down the road

It’s the smell of the sound of the rain hitting the windshield.

 It’s the chatter of the people sitting around me.

Feelin good is about being with the people I appreciate most

On an adventure

To who knows where.


It’s about the community,

The tight space of the car,

The single radio to fight over.

It’s about the car snacks,

The sound of crunching and smacking

The temporary silence as everyone is focused on the meal.


It’s about the unknown.

The winding road leading to a new story.

The landmark signs building the suspense.

The cars passing by, new friends coming and goes at 55 mph.


It’s about the ride back home,

The freshness of the previous fun

The laughter of new jokes

The snores of friends worn out.


Even when the adventure is over

And everyone goes back home,

The memory is still there

As well as a promise of a new adventure.

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