Riddle in the Middle

Mon, 02/01/2016 - 20:50 -- katebon

I wouldn’t be here, no doubt

Missing what I’m talking about

If left uncapped it will dry out

Name something I can’t write without.


The scratches it makes are so fine

Sadly, no answer is online

You take each stanza as a sign

Knowledge and hints you must combine


For now I will start with some clues

You can buy this in many hues

It fits in pipes, like feet in shoes

Yet it’s always easy to lose


Is this too hard? Just one more then

Out of these, you nearly said pen!

But see, I can buy those again

You would’ve guessed, time and again


The answer that I really seek

Before computers in its peak

That something often springs a leek

Each users mark is quite unique


It’s the most helpful writing tool

We first use it while in school

While some may call me a fool

Used well, it creates a jewel


My best friend: creativity

And with my tool: proclivity

Inspire me to activity

Audience in captivity


With this I can do what I love

Talent? I’ve no more to speak of

Than words as graceful as a dove

Write in it with words from above


If left behind my heart will sink

Is this is harder than you think?

There! I see you are on the brink

AHA! What I need, is some ink.


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