So everyone wants to be rich.

It will make your life less stressful, easier to live, a life that is better to maintain and manage.

But money is pandora’s box

Then, does that make it fearful? Shameful? A taboo?

Oh but it is so true

That once opened, one may not be able to return

Upon which are taught to children and they learn as they grow

That being rich make us become bewitched

For it switches and twists humans

Of which could make even the sweetest people inhuman

It is the evilest of all

That we should all appall

So what does it even mean to be rich?

Is it the expensive car in your garage?

Or that pricey watch on your wrist?

The amount in your bank account?

That house by the beach?

That once opened, pandora’s box will give more than you can chew

Now hold up a minute, let’s take a step back

Let us look at the in between and clean out the word RICH

It brings me heartache to think what being rich means to some today

How much you earn, per hour, per day, the amount of each payday

There are many other ways to be rich

I would like my friends to be rich with love and character

With strength and power because being rich is more than that property you own

Or winning the lottery

More than the stories of glory

More than that of which you own and of which is shown

It is to be rich with yourself

Rich with experience, full of brilliance

That even though we may juggle our struggles in life

It is not about how much you hold in your hands

But how much you can hold in your heart and soul

It is not about how much you have but how much you give

That money is not everything

Being rich is more than that Rolls Royce in your garage

That Rolex on your wrist

The number of zeroes in your bank account

Although, I don’t think you want a complete zero in it, right?

Oh, but it is more than that penthouse by the beach, too

R. I. C. H. RICH.

Because only Real Idiots Care How much their worth is through what they can hold


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