Rhythmic Memories

The Night Hip Hop died

I remember the BOOM and the BOX

That dropped my Heart

Caused It to Stop

The Beat!

Scared to Repeat


That moment

I forgot that Hip Hop was ever ALIVE ---Shots Fired


Shattered Your Physical



For the Origin of Hip Hop Stems from


--- African Roots to Call and Respond...


My Friend,

I Called Out to You

But You Did NOT Respond!!!


The Night Hip Hop died

Was due to a Perpetrator

Who Did Not Proceed with Caution

Put the Tape in Play

Tried to put it In Reverse

Cause He couldn’t hear



These Lyrics!

Not All Can Understand

Not All Were Developed to Comprehend


This Perpetrator, Held the Gun like a


A typical Hater!

Pulled the Trigger on a CREATOR!

A REAL Translator

Of TRUE Hip Hop!


Your life Sounded Off

Rhythms of Loyalty

A Synthesized Vibration

Awakened the Senses --Of Many...




A Record Never Scratched by Falsehood

Spins eternally

Beckoning All to Preserve

The Meaning of





This poem is about: 
My community



LOvely poem,

Loved it Seriously....

Well done......:)

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