I am a venomous snake in the tall grass

Waiting to strike and kill those who pass

Acid is weak compared to me

That corrodes and decays peace and glee


Death is my loyal companion and friend

Within your destruction we are there to the end

Sorrows are the horses that draw my chariot

Your flaws and impurities become the wheels

And your bloodlust, the wine in my goblet


The gospel reads the meek shall inherit the earth

But I will blind you to the truth, make you angry and hurt

For my victims are ignorant to the wisdom of their roots

I give them the hearts of pirates that steal and loots


Notoriously known for plaguing mankind

Souls and minds I seek to shackle, to bind

Corrupting your body to always pin blame

Restless for eternity until you win or claim


Feeding off your desire to avenge

Who am I? I am revenge.




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