returning to his glory

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 13:34 -- guady12

being alone feels like walking through a dark room
everything seems dark and you're just hoping to find the light switch soon
we look for ways to cover the emptiness we carry inside
at times hoping we could die
even now and then we lean on the worst thing we can ever find
we let life get into our minds
we search for answers on the alcohol and drugs
we go on search for that warm love and wonderful hugs
yet nothing seems to cover our needs
and that's where our hearts starts to bleed
we start joining gangs to feel "loved" and feel were part of something
things look and feel great for a while than problems start to come
putting our life in risk for a mistake that makes us look dumb..
yet even when the world feels like its against us and we cant escape
in those desperately moments when we think our lives are going to be crash like a grape
a mighty beautiful god reaches to us and lets us feel his love
a love no one can ever give in this earth only he can give it from above
because the way he wrap you in his arm is something indescribable
and the warm love he gives is always reliable
and he lets you know that when someone closes you one door
he can open better doors and you will never be ignore
because he knows what you feel he passed through way more before
so dont think something is to big for him because nothing can be even compared to him and his grace


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