Return to the Night

Dark as night, when the clock strikes 12.

Hiding in the shadows; it cries.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

It’s almost time to rise and take flight.

Stripped of its power it’s weak.

Escaping the confines of death, it lives.

Piercing cold enters the heart.

There is no blood, the vessel is gone.

At its end it searches eternity.

Escape, escape, escape.

Caged in the dark.

Ice cold flames, crawling up the bodice.

Death is imminent.

A stab and burn, returned to ashes.

Ashes absorbed into the depths of time.

Fiery depths of eternal misery.

The cycle restarts.

Another must fly this path of night.

But the sacrifice for such a thing,

is one that can't be returned.

The price for power of the night,

is to never ever seek the light.


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