Response To The One Who Called Me Light


United States
35° 50' 30.12" N, 90° 40' 36.8364" W

The light he sees is but the birthright I was given
I am made of soft flesh, but scars are more prominent than people know.
He sees something everyone sees in me…the charisma, the light, the beauty…
But there is more to my tale,
I am made of shadow too, I was created just as he.

Made through torment and shame,
I became light to show the world what shadow could cause,
Heart made of glass instead of stone
to let the world see what lay behind the walls.
What they don’t notice is the cracks and the breaks
that are fused back into clarity
I am fragile, but I am strong
I know what I was created for.
I am the Healer of Man, the soul cleanser.
He should know better than to just look at the surface
Be afraid of me, never.

I am the star in the void.
I am the spark of life to the lifeless.
I will never give up.
I was made for this.

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