Respect Women



It was the era of illiteracy
When women's got no mercy
They said women's are not worth
But they never thought they are the ones who give births
They buried them alive
None pays attention to their screams and cries
Today also many gets raped
many gets murdered
For their rights their families don't allow even to utter
They show respect and love to their women's
But went's shoddy with other women's
They said this is the world of equality
But they never did some thing for men's mentality
To stay safe on roads they run in dark
As some human becomes dogs and barks
They use
They throw
They borrow
They sale
Many wanted but couldn't live like the life in fairy tales
Can they ask for their rights?
Rights of not being raped?
Rights of not being murdered?
Rights of not being beatened?
Rights of being secured?
Together they ask " Is any one there who could stop them from snatching their scarfs?"
If no then what do you think about karma?

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Our world
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Miss Que


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