In a mad world he mad king rules. Carried to the thrown on the shouders of an angry and desparate mob.

Wielding pick axes and pitchforks with black lung and black hearts where Black Lives Matter is a thing because..

Black lives didn't matter to little boy blue. Yes, we're moody because Knights in white Satin sheets roam the streets

and the halls of the White House. White washing the truth with fake news, deflection, misdirection, misinformation and alternative facts

Miss Kellyanne Conway making millions while morally bankrupt. Lying to our faces with the nerve to question our distrust... And disgust.

The discussion changed when the name of the game became, "Who can we blame?".

His predecessor? His competitor? His list of victims, but never the predator?!

They endeavor to create a state of "Post Truth". Shrouded in ambiguity and inconspicousness, Crowded with double speak and chaos,

Clouded in "Plausible Deniability", so they can walk shit back or pivot when challenged... To keep us off  balance.

They want YOU to be afraid of ME, They want ME to be afraid of YOU, They want US to be afraid of THEM...

So we can each point a finger at the other and yell " LOCK THEM UP!"...


And for his defenders...His enablers... The Complicit... It's all the same you see..?

A soul for sale for 15 minutes of fame...Or 15 minutes of Shame.. "Is the camera on?" "Are we rolling?"

"Am I famous for being infamous yet??"


Now, the words and deeds reveal the man..

Incomplete sentences, from incomplete thoughts...From an incomplete mind... Whose only goal INCOME..

For the rich. Big bank CEO's and Oil execs fill his cabinet while your is bare...

A Bull Market for the shit that rolls downhill to the little guy, who never gets his share..

Then again, he's got a belly full of indigestion from cheap fast food and despair. Hypertension at 28, struggling

to pay Day Care.. Even though he works 45 hours week..

He sat in a parked car for 45 minutes with a loaded 45... 4 to 5 lines of coke...Walked into the bank at 45th and Hope..

Destroyed 45 lives... And when 45 LIES about... Crowd size and...Charolttesville having...

"Very FINE people"on... Both sides... and... Go vote for your local pedophile because He's a Repulican and...

He "DENIES"... A litte part of us all dies.

So, stay woke! Keep your eyes on the prize, keep your head on a swivel, Pay attenion to detail!

Because shit gets tricky when convolution rules the day.

Now, were left to wade through the bullshit social constructs of  Race,age, class, sexuality and gender. Searching for the shore

of common sense and enligtenment... Where the spirits Martin Luther King,Jr, JFK, Sojourner Truth, Mahatma Ghandi

along with coutless other beings of light greet us with warm smiles and embraces...

And this is NOT a DREAM! It's in our open hearts and in our open minds!

Be the change you want to see! Resist.

Power to the People


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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