Rescue Me From My Destiny

The left arm is the pain and hurt that’s been suffered all this time, while the right is a shrine to the family that’s there no matter what. The left eye rewinds the past and learns from it while the right works on the present that shall put the future in motion. Like a one-two punch, my hands deliver a mix of both Power and Pride, protecting the ones I love. My chest and back are my courage and hard work, while my legs are the perseverance and determination that fuels me. My brain is working on my dreams, while my heart is conflicted by those within its walls. Friends and family watch as Angels and Demons fight for their lives. My lungs made of iron, not from disease but from speech. I inhale toxic waste such as negativity and hatred and exhale it until my breath is turned into what some may call a verbal orgasm. My facial hair is ferocious yet comforting like a Greek warrior preparing himself for battle, assuring his mate he shall make it out alive. I give you a thumbs up with my thumbs up while my pointers aim towards the sky, not as an accusation but as a duel gun salute. Middle fingers to the doubters and a cold shoulder to my enemies, pinkies full of promises that I can’t wait to reach. Ring finger waiting for that girl whose initials I can add with mine on a tree, I’ll give her the best of me and when I’ve done my job, I’ll give her whatever’s left of me.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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