I hope it's broke me this time
I can't imagine coming back
They have to pack
Me in a casket
So much times elapsed that
I feel like my head's a basket
I've been moving like a tortoise
Well all my family's been moving like rabbits
Fast and rash
And never last
In the race of my past
We've all grown older.....laugh
If you have to
But it's Grey's that try to
Bring me down around you
When I see your youth
I'll tell you the truth
You look the same just now
You're all dolled up with your Bluetooth
Talking in a headset
I really feel like my head's a basket
My life so trashed
I can't go down like flung elastics
Breaking on contact
With the stress of stretching that
Leaves us dead in our tracks
Whites and blacks
No more war
Have to learn to love what I abhor
Can move on now that my wife's a Backpage w****
My nephew's four
I haven't met him before
He's named after me of course
I need to be a powerful force
In his life once I emerge from these steel doors
It won't be easy at first
But worse comes to worse
They'll only take me back in a hearse
This life is for the birds
And I'm all out of feathers
In this desert weather
I pray to keep my family together
And never have to write another letter
Addressed United States penitentiary
And wait for responses seldom sent back to me
Just let me breathe
Rolling back out to the streets
Probably barely make ends meet
But it's better than here
No matter how bad it seems
No more listening to grown men scream
Like it's all just a very bad dream

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