Represent the loners


Represent the loners

And the oddballs

The weird

And the off-key

The innocent

And the worldly.

The stupid and the silly.

Everyone wants to represent their homes

Their teams

Their games.

But I represent the loners.

You may have your favorite moment of beauty

Of “truth” or simplicity.

But mine is the surreal questions that come from an unexpected mouth.

The questions and conversations that get everyone at the table looked at

Of the games where you scream profanity into the crowd, to get over shyness.

I represent the loners.

The conversations are about history, jazz and love

But they are too recycled in questions and replies.

How about we question the creation of adult products, bikinis, and Barbie’s history of facelifts?

There should be untouched territory there.

I look at you and laugh at your expression.

A baby’s squeal or a witch’s cackle.

I really don’t care how you peg me; it will never be in a hole you see.

Because I represent the loners.

So why don’t you?

It seems that we are all around you.

We are within you.

Just stop being scared.

Come here, I’ve got milk and cookies.

Come drink and eat with me.

Enjoy the moments of truly being free.

Drop the ideas of society.

Come represent the loners.


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