Reply to Dad

Dear Dad,

How long has it been? 
Seasons have come and gone
And still I move on

Even now I think back to then
To the days I curled up in your lap
When I tried on your boots and made you laugh

Those days I could look up and see you smile
Could tug at your sleeve and ask for upsies
The world was so huge on your shoulders

The family was a hurricane 
Too often I came to you tearfully when bro and I fought
And sometimes learned that I was in the wrong

You and Mama always were starcrossed
No matter the mistakes made, always supporting
You were her forever

The accident shattered us
Everything changed that day I got the phone call
It was all ripped away

You weren't awake when I saw you next
I couldn't bear to sit by your side for too long
Forever I will regret that

Many people came through the house that month
Antiseptic and wheezing machines permeated the atmosphere
Mama's quiet crying was the final heartbreak

Finally I sat by your side and watched you awake
For a moment you had an unusual clarity when you saw me
My name on your lips, and your face seared in my mind

I cried for hours

Two days later it was Thursday, July 24th
You were gone
We knew you hated somber affairs so we had a party

Things were hard those days
Even now it can be difficult
Still, we persevere and press forward

One day I'll say yes to someone for the rest of my life
I'll walk down the aisle, a void by my side
The emptiness will follow me to my husband

Someday my belly will be round, my smile proud
I'll have sleepless nights with a babe on my hip
I will always wonder how you ever managed

The day will come I will have that interview
I'll run out the door, with nobody to push me out with wishes of luck
No luck needed--my success will be because of you

Daddy, I grew with you at my side
You taught me how to be a better person, how to love with all my heart
And I took you for granted

I will always miss you and think back
I will remember the good and the bad and have ups and downs
But always you will be there, forever in my heart

I love you, Daddy
I always will

With all of my love,
Your Little Girl

This poem is about: 
My family


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