I’ve been here before.

At a time where I promised myself that from this point on it would be different.

My mistakes and failures were enough to carve a lesson deep within my flesh.

My pride and dignity have had enough abuse.

They withstood the piercing blows and with each passing day I could see myself forget.

Re Immerse into the same mold.

But why?

What caused my sense of worth to banish?

To sell my soul to empty promises and choose to remain immobile.

I’d like to admit it was the fear of failure but then I would be lying.

It would mean I am a coward.

A coward who had at least the thought to start.

In truth I must be out of touch.

Insane to expect change from repeating behaviors.

Like an addict trying to quit his habit by taking on new vices.

Instead of paving beginnings, I leave it to the hands of god to break my fall.

To decide my fate

And reimmerse myself to a land of pure fantasies of my creation.

I’ve been a fool to remain within the boundaries of something known.

I am void of action yet fully conscious that's same as to sell oneself to death.


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