Reminisce of My First

Like a song with catchy lyrics I memorized you.

When ever you're near I lose all my fears and not care.

Cherished the days when you were here and dreaded the ones away.

Cupid hit the target when his arow flew landing on my heart, I knew you were mine.

I always believed it was us against them but I guess it was a dream.

Told you my wishes hoping that I could kiss you but I knew the answer.

Goodbye was all I heard.

I was fine, believed I could survive, went to bed and closed my eyes so maybe I could see you.

The difference between fantasy and reality is that one is a game and the other is torture.

I cried hoping you would be there when the walls were closing.

I wondered all the time if my name escaped your mind to become a rhyme.

My heart had a break, my world began to shake, I can't see the light, tell me is the way I feel right?

Honey you were my drug, Detox was depressing, I dug a grave to bury the love that never was.

Here and gone, never again, perhaps this is not the ending but our dawn.


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