Your eyes... They are so beautiful and ineffable as to decieve me to falling in again, like two black holes that seem empty, yet behind them is a hidden mystery. I try to avoid them to tame my curiousity... They always find their way to me, leave me frustrated and curious as to what it is I'm not seeing, more like what is it you're not telling me? Your smile... I only get a glimpse of it, its like a lunar eclipse, and when I do see it my brain shuts down, my body stops functioning for days, for a smile that lasted... Three seconds? When you call my name... Its the only thing I can hear for five minutes, I can almost feel it slipping out of my finger tips and when its gone I try to remember your voice, its as if I don't recognize it... anymore? Your hugs... I close my eyes because I want this to last forever. I want to remember your touch coz I know. It will be a while. When you squeeze even tighter I know its almost over, when you do let go I smile hiding the disappointment I truly feel, as if I didn't know it would eventually... End

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