Remembering Joy and Laughter

I remember the days of my childhood...

Those days were filled with joy and laughter.

But as I grew older, the world started to grow with me.

No more was the lastest bad news something about a robbery or grand theft auto.

Today has grown to be complety filled with death and misery.

The days of a child were filled with joy and laughter.

My favorite thing to do was go outside into the river behind my house. 

Today my favorite thing to do is walk around an empty parking, wondering what happened to the river.

I remember the days of childhood.

The days were longer and the sun was warmer.

Today the days shorter while the sun is hotter. 

I miss the days of childhood, the life of adulthood.

Makes the world have so less joy and laughter.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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