Remember Where You Came From


“Remember where you came from,” he said,

And the words never left my mind.

“I know where I came from” I replied.


I came from a loving family, a big family.

From 3 older brothers always competing.

I came from a white house nestled in the city.


I came from a mother who gave,

Gave everything she had to her family,

I came from a woman who understood.


I came from a strong father, rough around the edges.

I came from a party, from a laugh, from a joke

I came from his words “family is everything”


I came from an oldest brother, a family man.

My biggest fan and my father’s attitude

I came from a brother who cared enough to stay


I came from another brother, a hard worker.

A brother who led the way, who made his way

I came from a brother who knew success.


I came with a brother, my closest brother.

The laughter that grew beside me

I came with a playmate, a protector, a friend.


I came as the baby girl, the smallest and most loved.

They made me fearless, wide-eyed, and admired

I came as a child ready to take the world by storm.


I told him all of these things, where I came from,

And the family that built me. “Just don’t forget” he smiled

I came from this saying, I came from one memory:

                  “Remember where you came from”


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