Remember Me

It reminded me of home.
I felt the warm sunshine beating against my face.
There was a momentous rhythm of the waves
rushing against the soles of my feet. 
I felt the pride in every movement of my toes as I danced
with the echoeing shells within my hands.

Time ticked...
ticked like my past life until now,
gradually making its full cycle.
I wished my past life had its full cycle.
Maybe like how the other children back home in the village did.
And now, all I she is his threaded fingers through my soul.
Destroying me.

The freedom to give praise standing next to Gran'
in Reverend Harewood's Baptis't Church
on Sunday morning 7'o clock service.
sitting with the family at Sunday meal
Savouring de mouthwatering Caribbean flavours.

Now I'm dancing
to the rhythm of the calypso
Sweet Calypso.
Pumping the rhythm of the music
In and out, in 
and out.

The crystal clear shores brought the warm
Caribbean pride
as I looked out the plane's  small windows
as we summit into the candycane clouds
It was this home that lived within me.
I ask you simply
Remember me.

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