If I said good-bye today,

would you miss me in some way?

Would you cry at my grave,

or go on like everything's the same?

Would you remember my laughter,

or just say "so long" after?

Would you cry if you heard our song,

or forget it once I'm gone?

Would your heart still be mine,

or would you move on in time?

Would you cherish our last kiss,

or is that something you wouldn't miss?

Would you long for our heart-felt days,

or continue to just walk away?

Would you miss the love we shared,

or did you only pretend to care?

Would you miss me at all,

if I were to be gone?

I would hate to think otherwise,

that our love was based on lies.

I would remember to come back for you,

to ensure that our love stays true...


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