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United States
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When Amy forgot her doctor

It was only after the universe had pressed a massive reset

And even that was not enough

To keep away the wonder and joy

Of the person who had touched her life so profoundly


I lie awake in bed doubting who you are

And then doubting myself because of it

I worry that calling first, every time

Maybe love does fade that fast

When we aren't together


The regeneration light is blinding

A memory of what has come

The candle that my love held up

Through the good times and the bad

It's a promise of neverending

And hope that shines so bright

It's a promise of eternity

When the universal condtant id change


Behind closed eyes I remember

Summer light and August friendship

And dancing flames of a bonfire

I feel fireworks tickle the edge of my toes

And your light at the end of, what seemed

A neverending tunnel, at the time

When I was a frail grey moth


Life before you was but a caterpillar

In comparison to winged flight I feel

Every time our fingers but brush together

You're my doctor.

And to think that anything so simple

As a linear passage of time

Could fade your existence

Is laughable.


Even if the entire universe had to be reset.

Our love would remember each other.

And everytime I blink

Your light will flash behind my eyelids

Because love is like the doctor

Eternally there.



I appreciate the style, and the extended metaphor via cat.

Also, ~couplets~


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