Poetry is the window to our personality, our thoughts,

or even the deepest corners of our minds we are too afraid to venture to.

Poetry gives us insight to who were are in the struggles we got caught

in and how we managed to pull ourselves through.


Poetry lets us see ourselves in words rather than a mirror,

in words we judge ourselves less by what we see, but what we feel. 

Perhaps through paper we see ourselves clearer,

instead of feeling as if we lost control of the wheel. 


Poetry is the invaluable concept of relief

that allows us to pour our souls where we cannot be judged.

We are free to write about love, sin, heartache, or grief

without worrying that our image would be smudged.


Poetry lets the world know who we are in hardships.

We are the warriors, the broken, the lost, the belivers,

the dreamers, the sinners, the loved, and the ones losing grip

of their sense of reality because on paper, poetry is a reliever. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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