I've been dragged on this leash

far too long;

the skin on my feet is wearing.

I'm taking back the key to my life,

it was never rightfully yours.

Only this time I won't return;

the king will have to fall.


You've diced my heart

like a raw tomato,

salted with the tears I've cried.

Now the wetness on my face has vanished;

your knife has grown dull and benign.


The snow globe you've enclosed me in

has shattered.

Broken crystals leaking the hate I felt.

Dancing beneath stars,


But while I may be free,

replacements are withering

in your web.


Damaging life

like a hurricane with no eye.

Vision in clouds,

unaware of aftermath.

Yet if the rain parted,

would it cease?


Our feign friendship will fade,

like a sprinkler's misty rainbow.

Occasional wave,

a smile,

and maybe

a hint of regret.

The show is over;

the curtains must close.


A doorbell that does not ring

is not broken.

A firecracker that lost its spark

is not useless.

A friend that was shy to start

is not a slave.


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