Since age seventeen

I have dedicated my summer breaks

To searching for the next step.

Each page I swim in is a refresh

To my already worn shoes and so,

I continue to drink these words

With hopes of reinforcing my worn down soul.

In my quest for consistency,

I have remedied falsehood with abandonment.

The future belongs to those who are bold

In letting go of the past.

My father once looked me in the eyes

That I had bruised with my very own thoughts and said:

"I love ME"—

Those 3 words are a record I have broken.



I know what you mean. When you say "I am broken" that is. It's like when you feel alone and you become dependent on yourself and no one tells you what's been done right or wrong.

Your words are almost inheritable, they sway like a wave when the breeze moves.


Thank you for the generous comment. :)


You write beautifully.

I would be honored if you'd take a look at my first poem. I've never really written before. It seems to come more naturally than other things for some reason. I entered the Speak Your Mind Scholarship. I'm just looking for some feedback if you have time to spare. :)

Thank you!




I would absolutely love to! Please reply to this comment with a link to your PowerPoetry page.

Nasim Vicky

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yaya 321

Sorry to break this to you, but your the SECOND poem i read in this site, but i really enjoyed you poem. (To think of it, you could have been the first, but weren't)

I like it by the way, it's real deep.


Hi I love your Work! I just joined and posted my 1st poem which I wrote in reality for a song. Hope I can get some feedback my dream is to help inspire through word of mouth also. Ultimitaley through music completely one day. My poem is called "Days Like This"

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