My darling has turquoise eyes,

A head covered in bouncy locks of gold,

A warm heart that tells no lies,

I hope that she will never grow old.


i would pick her up and twirl her around,

Her laugh sounds like bells ringing,

Oh, how i miss that lovely sound,

As well as the chime of her singing.


But now, it’s my fault that my baby girl’s gone…

She’s grown wings and flown to heaven.

There were many things that could have been done,

My poor baby girl wasn’t even seven.


My sweet darling was taken away,

By a demon who’s soul was black,

I so wished I had had the courage to say,

“Someone, please! Go bring her back!”


But it was too late…she was gone.

My own fault…a careless mistake,

A million things could have been done,

To save my darling that death would take.


My coward self could have broken through the glass,

Dove through the darkness for my baby.

If only I had tried, I would have easily passed,

Through the shadow of death, to bring her back safely.


i will never forget my baby girl,

Her charm, wisdom, and joyful smile,

That beautiful face, more precious than a million pearls,

i pray that she will forgive me, after a while.


My sweet baby is no longer here.

Never again will i kiss her good night,

Wipe away her infant tears,

Or even hold her close and tight.


My darling is my heart,

A part of myself, like the trunk of a tree,

My darling is what made me whole.

My angel is what will set me free.


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