Refuse to be

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 21:52 -- Tanta

For a world thats so forgiving.
Why am I unforgiven?

In times so new
Why is It I feel old?

Though we're said to be genuine
Everyone seems made from plastic,
Humanity is doomed by conformity

Suddenly its an alien gestures to
Hold the door for the person behind you
never looking you straight in the eye
During conversation

Explain to me how you can hear me talk
and listen to your head phones at the
same time...

phones become their face.
Constantly taping at buttons that I

Are they really there?
Or are they a hollow exoskeleton.
Of who they used to be
and what society has made them out to be

Greed takes over.

"Please" and "thank you"
ancient words Replaced with
"me myself and I."

Boys who perceive themselves as men
Who stride like penguin,
A gentleman is rare antiquity

This world is cruel and evil
Forcing kids to be adults.
When adults act like kids

In this world
I have no desire to be


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