Reflections of a voter

53 days of Donald's  rule

No more seeing the ignorant fool

Into the White House a savior arrives

Bringing wisdom and saving lives

No more  lies and disparaging taunts

And Leading as Americans want

I long for the day his hatefulness leaves

A jail cell awaits for he that deceives. 



52 more days til we bid adieu

To the monster in chief attempting a coup 

His delusions of fraud he can not proove

Only to make Biden's numbers improve 

Diaper Don needs to concede

So Democracy can be guaranteed. 

With lies and abundant fabrications galore

It's continuance we can no longer stand for.   

In January we earned a leader upgrade

As we decimate the loser POTUS charade 


51 days of nonsense and rants

Tricking his followers with a song and dance. 

Patiently waiting for a semblance of sanity

Hoping to see a cause for humanity. 

Restoring our faith in the leaders we elect

Fusing the nation with hope and respect 

Ending the hatred and national division

Giving the country a new kindred vision 

One nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL!!!l


50 and counting the days til we see

A new leader and cabinet we all can agree

Will work for all with class and civility

And bring back an era of peace and tranquility. 

Conveying awareness among all involved 

Fairness for all will soon be resolved. 

No childlike tweets and name calling posts

Decorum and dignity are now coast to coast. 

Look to your neighbors and smile with pride

The country will soon be more unified


49 days I await and I pray

His hatred and lying will soon go away. 

Delusional theories and ludicrous claims

Dismissed by the courts to his disdain. 

Refusing to accept what the nation has favored

Still displaying dubious behavior. 

Patiently anticipating coherent legislation 

Adhering to forthright obligations. 

In 49 days we all could agree

America will have sanity. 


Now it’s 48 days and I must declare

He still is claiming the election is unfair

Filing lawsuits and causing disruption 

With fraudulent claims of Democrat corruption. 

Attempting to challenge and overturn 

Lawful action is not a concern. 

Constantly trying to create discontent

Challenging reality causing lament. 

While some have begun to finally conform 

Giving hope that we will return to the norm. 

With fortitude and confidence we embrace

an end to this deceptive disgrace. 


47 long days of this nefarious  debacle

Threatening officials is quite hostile. 

Spreading the virus with total disregard 

Nefariously contradicting safeguards. 

With vindictive behaviors and malcontent 

Causing a breach of trust with fraudulent intent

He fires and intimidates 

Bullies and castigates. 

Disrupting civility and inciting dissension 

With a quagmire of contention 

Soon candor and empathy will resume

When President Biden enters the 

This poem is about: 
My country


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