Reflection of Rejection

When you wake up in the morning what do you see

Gourmet style breakfast or a flatscreen tv?

When you see your reflection

Is it really perfection 

Or the insecurities that lie beneath?

Arrive at school in a Benz

You have tons of friends

Put on a good act of display,

Try so hard to hide that deep down inside

You're having a really bad day.

You bully this kid to boost up your ego

Call him grim things like faggot and negro

The kid comes home to his two little brothers

No food, no water, no father, no mother.

You laugh, he cries

He grabs a blade and he dies.

That's the millionth time he’s been bullied for being gay

But you didn't know he was going to take his life that day.

Does that make it better?

Because you didn't know 

You only said those things to expand your ego

Who would have known that he would do it

He was already suicidal but nobody knew it

You look in the mirror and you finally see

The shallow, superficial person underneath.


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