By Nate kemp


I see you staring I know you see me caring

But are you just my reflection,

Because you act unaware and.



It eats me alive the way you see me inside, in my bed I try to lye and in my mind you start to climb.

 I paint my eyes to try to cover my lies . They tell you I like you no honestly I think its love.

But what is love but a waste of time. Relax your mind relax your heart and let them change places.

Let your heart think for you as your mind feels for you. Ill take care of the rest.

Let me lay you to bed in the end put you to rest. In-between you know what takes place

 im slow but when I get started I don’t stop.

Call me the engine that could cuz If I could I would but each time I talk myself out until you….

stop I see you looking as im thinking and it makes me feel guilty.


Okay im sorry I didn’t mean to startle you

Im new to this im just trying to star with you in a movie with this.

Love interest of mine its you im sorry I tried to rhyme.

Why must you give me this blank stare all the time.

You confuse me.


Do you want me love me need me which one is it.

I  need to drink and taste you like a bottle of water.

Sorry creepy okay don’t leave please just listen.

Long hair fair hair nice skin flawless skin.

Your facial features changed am I in or did I just grab your attention.

 if I mess this up I want you to know ill just take it as a lesson.

 I wont stop cant stop ill climb you can be on top.

Sorry I got caught up again.

Phone up phone down stop mimicking me im no clown.

Im trying to preoccupy my mind and not stare at such a beauty so divine.

I know I know you hate free verse but you love this rhyme.

I hope you end up loving me as much as I you or as much as you love your hair and I suits and shoes.

 im sorry I know im a fool but hear me out im a fool for you I drool for you.

At night when  sleep I dream of you.

I know that didn’t rhyme but listen unlike this verse can you and I keep going till the end of time.

Ill be your mirror and you can be mine.

Both until then we are both just a reflection of what we both want till the end of time.

Just know Ill keep watching if hints you keep dropping but im no psychic but to find one ill die trying.

Houdini look it up.

 I want you no other girl to me there is no other option.

Lets fall in love together and reflect like broken glass on a pavement to the times that use to be.

As we grow old together in our love seat just you and me.

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