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As you walk by me

I try not to stare

For to see you with some else

Is something I can not bare

I disguise my true feelings

To give you what u want

It does not stop though

What I feel deep inside my heart

Why do you act so bitter towards me?

And treat me the way you do?

I’m always asking myself this question

Why must I conceal how I really feel about you?

Must I always wear this mask?

And pretend im someone who u want to see

I keep getting lost in this dungeon

That contains just you and me

I gaze upon the waterfall

And drift way below

Now all that remains of me

Is someone I dont know

You pass on by

I look the other way

I try not to think too much

I can not decipher all the words I have to say

I see a girl who looks familiar to me

Caught up in her flawless beauty

I wonder who she could be?

I turn around just to take a glance

And when I do lights flash before me

All at once what remained a mystery

Is suddenly revealed to me

I follow the light

That lies ahead

Could it be true?

Is this all in my head?

I run faster

towards the figure I now see

And when I finally approach it; I see a mirror

Instantly, I see a reflection… Its me….


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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem
be true to yourself-believe me when i say this
as people, we try to overlook aspects
be blinded by what occurred
in the end, it all catches up
you deserve better
this poem impacts and reflects your true feelings-keep writing


Thank You im working on a poetry book due out next month on Amazon check it out!!!!!!


reading this poem i can see myslef and how i feel.. i understand what you're feeling, i feel it too. keep writing, i wish i could put my thoughts all together like you just did. great job *snaps*


Glad someone could relate too :) Im workin on a poetry book to be released next month sometime. Check me out at

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