Reflecting Darkness

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 19:07 -- Lem

Of all the people I tried to understand the most.
The man in the mirror was the hardest to read.
Although, I know it is me, but it isn't who I see.
He's making the same movements, thinking the same thoughts...
It's just my reflection, yet he keeps insisting he's me, he's not.
Why must my memories appear only when you show?
Anger and pain are all that seems to be left.
No, I can't reject what images were shown, they were very clear.
How the time has flown, but pain is there every year.
In the darkness have I long been kept, I wept.
Above all the sadness and sorrow, I must accept...
They were the only reason I decided to fight for my life.
Not until awhile, I realized to them all, I was their light.

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