Reference, Relativity, and Reflection or The Truth About You

Since all we know is in relation,
It's hard to know true perfection, although
we must know
that we have two things in us.
A reference to judge against, our best judgement and understanding of God
Our ability to know and see where we stand
in his eyes
And our knowledge of where we fall short of the standard
We can reflect on our actions
Looking back to the past accurately is a gift
So if we tug the strings that
connect us to our world, we feel the vibration
Pluck the strings and in harmony hear the music that only disparity can bring
Less and more for difference in frequency
A chord is made of notes, not the same in their energy, but working together to bring about beauty
I am not flawed, I am full of values lesser and greater than zero
I am a wonderfully imbalanced, subjective view of this universe
Peering out dimly from my five simple eyes
To know all means to be at peace
To be all means to be at rest
But I am imperfect
and capable of motion, through space, through time, through life
Looking forward requires being behind
Taking more requires having less
Growing up requires being down
To be me, I must have pieces missing 
My missing pieces are not flaws
They are facets
As a raw diamond is cut to bring out its best form, and luster
And so I know
I am flawless.
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