Reemergence of the Spirit

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 04:50 -- beto650



Who is to be

The most successful in life?

Who me or You?

the soft bells

in a white overcast shadow

Reemerges oneself

But like a shadow

it is only as good

as the sun makes it out to be

Constantly shifting

only a few are allowed to see


What is your sun?

that is the key

For only you can succeed and Fail


Even in

The deepest abyss

where nothing but blackness and failure appear

There is always

an internal light

that shines bright within all


It is our choice

to seek its support

It is our time

to seek

a reemergence of the spirit


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The spirit, our spirit, which is our light that gives off the appearance of who we are. This poem has been able to articulate something not many people can, and I thank you for that. It's not very often that you remember that it is what is inside because in the world we live in now it all seems to based on the things that we can perceive. Thank you for posting this piece and sharing this with us, I really enjoyed being reminded.



Lovely poem

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