Redemption wants a place to reside in you 

But Your past records are trying to silence you 

What about the inspiration that lives right within you ?

And the thoughts of God's Provision Coinciding around you 

Many vices trying to sabbotage you 

They spread like mice surounding you

Many times the voices lying to pacify you 

Though it was like bread leavened upon you 

Focus on the many lives counting on you 

not your ego nor your ordinary you 

Becareful of those you chose as friends then they turn ans attack you 

Million times you tried to do good just like Mama thought you 

But they misunderstood you and ended up leaving a scar all over you 

Scars that pierced through skin layers and simulteously casing an effect

on how you resolved problems around you in a segregated society that's not for you 

But only ends up squandering your identity of sons and daughters seeking for a Father figure in

a world that instead of protection, validation and affirmation is eagerly trying to shun you 

And those you spend your time and dimes calling friend are now offended by you 

Although it was tough to rationalize with still there are Lives depending on you to 

speak out, stand out and never bogged down 

It's the only Truth and I know it hurts but i can no longer pretend

As if it didn't come to save You, You, You!


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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