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My brothers, my sisters,
And my friends I call misters.
Do we only fight, just to be right?
Being right is overrated,
But doing right was what I was born and raised in.

See God ain’t a man who sees just color, only wonder.
People think that life isn’t fair,
But who is to say that I don’t care.
If no one else will stand for you,
I’ll make sure to see you through.

Don’t forget about the aches and pains,
But don’t let bad thoughts ruin your brain.
God made us all equal,
And to go against God is be a type of evil.
So if we are to live in love,
I think it’s about time for you to get a hug.

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I think it is a good start being that it is my first poem on civil rights. It is a thing that changed the course of history for most races and to express my feelings about it in poetry is just awesome. I just want to say thank you God for giving me the words and I pray that it would be a message of hope to those who need it.


like you said, it is a really good start. i think this can really take people down if you go in and give words weight and work it more. i really liked it

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